A temperature field T = 5xy^2 is observed in a steady flow with a velocity field V = 2y^2 \hat i...


A temperature field {eq}T = 5xy^2 {/eq} is observed in a steady flow with a velocity field {eq}V = 2y^2 \hat i + 3x \hat j {/eq}. Calculate the rate of change dT /dt at the point (x, y) = (1,1). All the coordinates are given in meters, temperature in kelvins, and velocities in meters per second.


The rate is something that is used to compare one quantity to another quantity. It also determines the change of quantity with respect to another quantity. It will a special type of ratio in which two quantity is present in different units. It is a dimensionless quantity.

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We have given

{eq}T = 5xy^2 {/eq} (Temperature field)

{eq}V = 2y^2 i + 3xj {/eq} (Velocity field)

We know that,

{eq}\dfrac{{dT}}{{dt}} =...

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