An 85,kg person bounces on a bathroom scale having a force constant of 1.50 ast 10^6, N/m ....


An {eq}85\,kg {/eq} person bounces on a bathroom scale having a force constant of {eq}1.50\ast 10^6\, N/m {/eq}. The amplitude of the bounce is {eq}0.200\, cm {/eq}.

What is the maximum energy stored in the spring?

Spring Constant:

In simple word, the total amount of force with respect to the length needed to extend a spring is generally represented by spring constant. If a person knows the value of spring constant of a spring, then the person can easily obtain the amount of force needed to extend a spring. In a measurable unit, the spring constant of a spring is indicated by Newton per meter.

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Given data

  • The mass of the person is {eq}m=85\ \text{kg} {/eq}
  • The force constant is {eq}k=1.5\times {{10}^{6}}\ \text{N/m} {/eq}
  • The amplitude of...

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