An automobile engine develops a torque of 270 N m at 3500 rpm. What is the power in watts and in...


An automobile engine develops a torque of {eq}270\ N \cdot m {/eq} at {eq}3500 {/eq} rpm. What is the power in watts and in horsepower?


Power {eq}(P){/eq} is the measure of work {eq}(W){/eq} done, or the applied force {eq}(F){/eq} at some distance{eq}(d){/eq}, in a certain amount of time {eq}(t){/eq}.

{eq}P=\dfrac{F\cdot d}{t}{/eq}

This is commonly used when an object is moving in a straight line. Hence, power can also be determined for objects moving around the axis. Now, torque {eq}\tau{/eq} acts as the force within the angle traveled.

{eq}P=\dfrac{F \cdot 2\pi r}{t}{/eq}

where {eq}r{/eq} is the radius, {eq}f=1/t{/eq} and {eq}F\cdot r=\tau{/eq}.

{eq}P=\tau \cdot 2\pi f=\tau \omega{/eq}.

where {eq}P{/eq} is in Watts (W), {eq}\tau{/eq} is Nm, and {eq}\omega{/eq} is in rad/s.

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We are given with a torque {eq}\tau = 270 N\cdot m{/eq} and speed {eq}\omega=3500~rpm{/eq}. But since {eq}\omega{/eq} must be in rad/s, we need to...

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