Apply the definition of the definite integral to show that: (Where a=1 b=2) { \int_1^22(...


Apply the definition of the definite integral to show that: (Where a=1 b=2)

{eq}\int_1^22( 5x-x^2)dx = \frac{32}{3} {/eq}

Definite Integral

It measures the net area between the function and x - axis.

The constant, that was eliminated during the differentiation, has some definite value thats the basic difference between the defnite integral and indefinite integral.

Definite integrals can be used to find the area under, over, or between curves.

A general definite integral is taken in the complex plane, resulting in the contour integral.

Properties of Definite integral

1. The definite integral of a constant is equal to the length of the interval of integration.

2. The definite integral of a non-negative function is always greater than or equal to zero.

3. If the upper and lower limits of a definite integral are the same, the integral is zero.

4. Internal addition can be done in definite integral.

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Given defnite integral is {eq}\displaystyle = \int_1^{22}( 5x-x^2)dx \\ {/eq}

So on integrating gives,

{eq}\displaystyle \begin{align} &=...

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