Are there any descendants of Marie Antoinette?


Are there any descendants of Marie Antoinette?

Louis Antoine:

Louis Antoine was born on August 6, 1775 in Versailles, France, and he was the son of King Louis XVI's youngest brother, Charles Philippe (later King Charles X). During the French Revolution, Louis Antoine fled from France, and in 1792, he joined a French emigre army. In 1800, he joined a Bavarian Army, eventually fighting against Napoleonic France. When his father died on August 2, 1836, Louis proclaimed himself King of France, which only lasted 20 minutes, and he died in exile in 1844 in the Austrian-Empire.

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There are no direct descendants of Marie Antoinette. Marie only had four children, and only Marie Therese (b. 1778) survived to adulthood. Marie...

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