As a lower-tier fund, how would you go about improving your performance?


As a lower-tier fund, how would you go about improving your performance?

Fund Performance:

Fund performance. This is the evaluation of the total annual rate of interest that an investment gains. It tells whether the fund invested in bringing in returns and or it is losing its value. This helps investors in making investment decisions.

Answer and Explanation:

Ways of improving my performance if I am a low tier fund

  1. Rewire my brain. By this, it means that I would adopt a plan that aligns with disciplined investment ideas and sticking to them. This means dropping old and rigid ideas and having an open mind when executing investment ideas.
  2. Controlling my emotions. Ensuring that my emotions are in check even after the market cycle falls and the returns are low, this is to avoid sinking into feeling bad about it but instead working hard to come up with a backup plan to sustain my fund in the market.
  3. Avoid bouncing in and out of the market as an investor withdrawing from my funds from the market due to its low performance would lower my market credit, this is because am most likely to miss best days of returns and this totals to dropping of my annual returns.
  4. Maintaining market discipline. Making sure I avoid shortcuts to making higher returns which are mostly trapped to pull an investor down. Avoiding fake business news and investing in long term business which improves the overall annual market returns.
  5. Changing my market focus. If the initial investment plan didn't work out as an investor, I would adopt another idea using the previous strategies as a study plan to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

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