Balanced equation CaCO_3 \to CaO + CO_2, how many moles of CO_2 are produced if you start with 3...


Balanced equation {eq}CaCO_3 \to CaO + CO_2, {/eq} how many moles of {eq}CO_2 {/eq} are produced if you start with 3 mol of {eq}CaCO_3? {/eq}


Stoichiometry is the area of study concerned with quantities of chemical species produced or required for a certain chemical reaction. The balanced chemical equation gives the molar ratio needed to convert the amount of one substance to another.

Answer and Explanation:

We start by establishing the balanced chemical equation for the given reaction.

{eq}CaCO_3 \to CaO + CO_2, {/eq}

Using the mole ratio from the balanced chemical equation we can solve for the moles of CO2 produced.

{eq}3~mol~CaCO_3\times\frac{1~mol~CO_2}{1~mol~CaCO_3}~=~3~mol~CO_2 {/eq}

Therefore, 3 mol of CO2 can be produced from 3 mol of CaCO3

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