Calculate the moles of C_2H_6 in 8.60 \times 10^{23} molecules of C_2H_6.


Calculate the moles of {eq}C_2H_6 \text{ in } 8.60 \times 10^{23} \text{ molecules of } C_2H_6. {/eq}

Moles from Number of Molecules:

For the required number of moles of the given substance, we'll use the general formula shown below:

  • {eq}\displaystyle \textrm{Molecules}=nN_A {/eq}


  • {eq}n {/eq} is the number of moles.
  • {eq}N_A {/eq} is the Avogadro constant and it is equal to {eq}6.022\times 10^{23}\ /mol {/eq}

Answer and Explanation:

The given molecules of {eq}C_2H_6 {/eq} is:

{eq}8.60 \times 10^{23} \text{ molecules} {/eq}

Converting the given value in the number of moles using the general formula, we get:

{eq}\begin{align*} \displaystyle 8.60 \times 10^{23} \text{ molecules}&=n(6.022\times 10^{23}\ /mol)\\ n&=\frac{8.60 \times 10^{23} }{6.022\times 10^{23}}\ mol\\ &=1.428\ mol\\ \end{align*} {/eq}

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