Calculate the momentum rate change (in kg m/s^2) of water in a waterfall falling with a volume...


Calculate the momentum rate change (in kg m/s{eq}^2 {/eq}) of water in a waterfall falling with a volume flow rate V'=5200000L/min. Assume that the free-falling water has a rectangular geometry with W=127m width, H=65m height, and T=2.1m thickness. Water density r=1000Kg/m{eq}^3 {/eq}

Force on collision

Here, water is colliding with the ground, which is causing a change in the momentum of water, and is responsible for applying force.

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Width = 127m

Height = 65m

Thickness = 2.1m

Volume flow rate {eq}= 5200000\ L/min = 86666.6\ L/s = 86.66\ m^3 /s {/eq}

Let v be the...

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