Calculate the total pressure of a mixture of 0.02 mol He and 0.01 mol H_2 in a 5.0 L flask at 10...


Calculate the total pressure of a mixture of {eq}\rm 0.02\ mol\ He {/eq} and {eq}\rm 0.01\ mol\ H_2 {/eq} in a {eq}5.0\ L {/eq} flask at {eq}10 ^\circ C {/eq}.

Dalton's law of partial pressures

Dalton's law of partial pressure says that the total pressure of gases inside a container is equal to the sum of partial pressure of each gas inside the container.

Answer and Explanation:

Total moles of gases n = 0.02 + 0.01 = 0.03 mol

Volume V = 5 L = {eq}0.005\ m^3 {/eq}

Temperature T = 10 degree C = 10 + 273 = 283 K

From ideal gas equation, we have

PV = nRT

Putting values, we get

{eq}P*0.005 = 0.03*8.314*283 \\ P = 14117.18\ Pa {/eq}

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