Can writing e-books be a viable way to earn income?


Can writing e-books be a viable way to earn income?

Online Business:

An online business refers to any kind of commercial transaction that is performed through the internet. The seller or service provider will advertise their goods to potential customers through the internet. For example, the seller may create a website where he will be marketing their commodities.

Answer and Explanation:

Yes, it can be a viable means of earning money.

Advantages of e-books as a means of earning income.

  1. One has the freedom to choose and writing about a topic that is well knowledgeable about. This gives one satisfaction in their field of work while still earning money.
  2. One works at his own convenient time. Unlike in employment, a person earning from ebooks can work on a very flexible schedule.
  3. Ebooks can reach a broader market, thus making more sales.

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