Can you think of an example of a product for which the warehouse or the method of transportation...


Can you think of an example of a product for which the warehouse or the method of transportation is the channel leader?

Channel Management:

Every product or service goes through several channels to get from the supplier to the customer. Channel Management is the process of managing the channels, which are typically classified as selling, delivery, or a combination of both. Channels are both internal departments and external organizations. The external organizations can be vendors or partners.

At any given phase in the process, one channel is more important than the others. It has the greatest impact on how business is going to flow through the rest of the process. This channel is called the channel leader, and managing it is critical to business success.

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Harry & David is a shipper of gourmet foods, especially known for their premium pears. They are located in Oregon and grow most of their own...

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