Car enthusiasts often lower their cars closer to the ground as a matter of style. James wants to...


Car enthusiasts often lower their cars closer to the ground as a matter of style. James wants to lower his car by replacing all four of his original coil springs with new ones offered as an option by the car manufacturer.

In science, we try to represent complex systems with simplified representations. The new springs will be identical to the original springs, except the force constant will be 5455.00 N/m smaller. When he removes the original springs he discovers that the length of each spring expands from 8.55 cm (its length when installed) to 12.00 cm (its length with no load placed on it). If the mass of the car body is 1455.00 kg, how much lower will the body drop compared to its original height?

James was hoping for an overall lowering by 7 cm. Which of the following most closely describes James' results?

1. The change is too drastic, causing the car to be un-driveable.

2. The change is so small that James has largely wasted his time and money.

3. James will be mostly pleased with the results.


Springs in car suspensions are thick coils of steel round bar. They have to be able to not compress too much under the weight of the car and the extra force if the car hits a bump in the road. The spring constant of springs in car suspensions have spring constants typically in the hundreds of thousands of newtons-per-meter.

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Based on the amount the car is lowered using the new springs James will have wasted his money based on how much he wanted the car to be lowered. This...

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