Compare Earth and Mars.


Compare Earth and Mars.

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There are eight planets in our solar system. The four closest to the Sun are known as the terrestrial planets because they have rocky surfaces. Of the others, two are gas giants and two are ice giants.


{Section title='answer? !!!Answer and Explanation: Mars and Earth are both terrestrial planets, so they have a hard, rocky, crust. Scientists know that Earth has a crust, mantle, and a solid inner core surrounded by a liquid outer core. They believe that the structure of Mars is probably very similar, but additional research is needed to be sure of this. Recent data collected by NASA's Curiosity Rover has indicated that Mars has some sedimentary rocks, which are one of the types of rocks found on Earth. Scientists have also determined that Mars once had a climate that would have allowed for the presence of liquid water, like that present on today's Earth.

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