Complete the operation. (m + 5)(6m)


Complete the operation.

(m + 5)(6m)

Algebraic Multiplication:

Algebraic multiplication is not very different from the simple multiplication that we know of. If we think of multiplying {eq}5 {/eq} and {eq}2 {/eq} in a different way and write it as {eq}(2+3)\times(2) {/eq} we can expand it as {eq}2(2)+3(2) {/eq} which is {eq}4+6=10 {/eq}. We distribute multiplication over addition to solve it. But for normal numbers we very occasionally need to do this.

Answer and Explanation:

In case of unknown numbers represented as variables, the logic remains the same and we can multiply it as ...

{eq}(m+5)(6m)=m(6m)+5(6m) {/eq}

{eq}\therefore~6m^2 +30m {/eq} should be the answer.

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