Consider a popgun with a spring constant 843 N / m. A projectile of mass 0.06 kg is inserted into...


Consider a popgun with a spring constant {eq}843 \ N / m {/eq}. A projectile of mass {eq}0.06 \ kg {/eq} is inserted into the barrel of the gun, and the spring is compressed {eq}0.03 \ m {/eq}. The gun is fired directly upward. Neglect any frictional forces or air resistance.

(a) What do they find is the maximum height of the projectile?

(b) What do they find is the highest speed of the projectile?

Spring Constant:

In physics, the spring constant is used to determine the stiffness of spring when it is stretched. By using the Newton per meter or N/m, the spring constant of a spring is generally indicated in the International standard of the unit system.

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Given data

  • The spring constant of the popgun is k = 843 N/m
  • The mass of the projectile is m = 0.06 kg
  • The compressed length of the spring is l =...

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