Consider the contrasting physical development between the genders at the beginning of...


Consider the contrasting physical development between the genders at the beginning of adolescence, especially for the boys. Think also of the exponential growth made in the following years. What does this mean for social experiences for boys and girls, especially boys, in high schools that include 9th grade?


Adolescence may involve personality changes, mood swings, hormonal shifts, and changes in physical development. Adolescents may not know how to control their emotions or handle shifting hormones. They may need extra care and compassion as they enter a new phase of life.

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Adolescence involves the hormonal shift in physical development that occurs with pubescence. Female adolescents often enter puberty before male adolescents. Males that haven't developed may be at risk of being bullied if their grade is included in high school before they enter puberty. High schools often provide sex education to inform students of the risks of unprotected sex. Once adolescents reach puberty, they're often interested in dating or engaging in sexual relationships.

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