Consider the differential equation \frac{dy}{dx}=3x with initial condition y(0) = 3 . Use...


Consider the differential equation {eq}\frac{dy}{dx}=3x {/eq} with initial condition {eq}y(0) = 3 {/eq}.

Use Euler's method with two steps to estimate {eq}y(1) {/eq}

Euler's Method of Approximation:

Euler's method of approximation is used to estimate the values for solutions of differential equations at different points if it is difficult to do so algebraically. The formula to do this method is: {eq}y_{n+1} = y_{n} + h \cdot y_{n}' {/eq}, where {eq}y_{n} {/eq}, {eq}h {/eq}, and {eq}y_{n}' {/eq}, have to be given or determined in order to the determine the unknown {eq}y_{n+1} {/eq} value.

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{eq}\frac{dy}{dx} = 3x, y(0) = 3, y(1) = ?, h = \frac{1-0}{2} \Rightarrow h = 0.5 \text{ [(Estimated x value - Initial x value)/Steps to get to...

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