Convert the angle 480^\circ to radians. Clearly show work.


Convert the angle {eq}480^\circ {/eq} to radians. Clearly show work.

Conversion from Degrees to Radians:

Conversion is the change we can make from one unit to another. The principal angles unit is degrees; however, we can express them in radians since that is their other unit. To make a conversion from degrees to radians, we perform the following steps:

  1. Establish the equivalence relationship between degrees radians.
  2. Form a conversion factor where radians are in the numerator and degrees are in the denominator.
  3. Multiply the given measure by the conversion factor.
  4. Simplify if necessary.
  5. Express the final result of the conversion.

Answer and Explanation: 1


$$480^{\circ} $$

First, we express the conversion factor from degrees to radians:

$$\pi = 180 ^{\circ} $$

Express the conversion factor as a fraction:

$$\dfrac{\pi}{180 ^{\circ}} $$

Now, multiply the given measurement by the conversion factor:

$$480^{\circ}\times \dfrac{\pi}{180 ^{\circ}} $$

Simplifying, we obtain:

$$\dfrac{480\pi}{180} $$

Lastly, divide the numerator and denominator by {eq}60 {/eq}:

$$\dfrac{480\pi \div 60}{180\div 60} $$

Simplifying, we obtain:

$$\boxed{\dfrac{8}{3}\pi } $$

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