Define the theory of panspermia.


Define the theory of panspermia.

Panspermia theory :

"Panspermia theory" is related to origin of living organism.There are various theories on the origin of earth and origin of living organisms like Theory of catastrophism, Theory of special creation, Theory of Abiogenesis etc .One of the most famous theory is Theory of panspermia.

Answer and Explanation:

According to panspermia theory certain microscopic structures like sperm and ovum, seeds comes on the earth from the unknown part of the universe in dormant stage and become active. Soon they form diploid structures and results into various living form. These gamets like structures are already present in the space particularly in different planet and they came on the earth due to collision between different planet.

This theory is not mainly concentrating on how life forms but more focusing on how life gets diverse on the earth.

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