Define underlying medical condition


Define underlying medical condition


Unless they are going for a regular checkup, the main reason people go to see doctors is because they are experiencing a symptom of some kind. A symptom is the way your body is reacting because something is wrong with it. One thing doctors have to look for is underlying medical conditions.

Answer and Explanation:

An underlying medical condition is the main issue you are experiencing that is causing your symptoms. Sometimes symptoms are treated, and it is later discovered that there is an underlying medical condition causing them. For example, say you go to the doctor for a rash. The diagnosis might be simply skin irritation, and you get a medication or cream to apply to it. However, if the rash persists, the doctor may have to look deeper and see if an underlying condition is causing the rash, rather than its being from a one-time exposure to something. Underlying medical conditions do not go away when you simply treat the symptoms, and often symptoms will persist until the underlying condition is discovered and treated.

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