Describe the Titan moon.


Describe the Titan moon.


Saturn is one of the outermost planets in the solar system. It is the second farthest from the sun, and it is in front of Neptune. Saturn is unique in that it is the only planet that has visible rings. These rings are made of ice. Saturn is one of the gas giants alongside Jupiter and Neptune.

Answer and Explanation:

Titan is the largest moon of Saturn. Titan is also the second largest moon of a planet on our solar system, behind Jupiter's own Ganymede. Titan is in fact larger than Mercury. Unlike its host planet, titan is not a gas giant but it has a surface made out of ice and rocks. Some properties of Titan are:

  • Orbital period: {eq}\displaystyle \rm 15.945\ days {/eq}
  • Orbital speed: {eq}\displaystyle \rm 5.57\ km/s {/eq}
  • Surface area: {eq}\displaystyle \rm 8.3\ \times\ 10^7\ km^2 {/eq}
  • Volume: {eq}\displaystyle \rm 7.16\ \times\ 10^{10}\ km^3 {/eq}
  • Mass: {eq}\displaystyle \rm 1.34\ \times\ 10^{23}\ kg {/eq}

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