Determine the rate of heat transfer through the window by radiation. (Round the answer to the...


Determine the rate of heat transfer through the window by radiation. (Round the answer to the nearest whole number.) A vertical 2-m high and 5-m wide double pane window consists of two sheets of glass separated by a 3.1-cm thick air gap. In order to reduce heat transfer through the window, the air space between the two glasses is partially evaluated to 0.3 atm pressure. The emissivities of the glass surfaces are 0.48 and the glass surface temperatures across the air gap are 15C and 5C respectively. (Given {eq}k=0.02439\frac{W}{m\ {}^\circ C},\ \nu =4.753\ \mathrm{x}\mathrm{\ }{\mathrm{10}}^{-5}\frac{m^2}{s},Pr=0.7335,\ \beta =0.003534\ K^{-1} \ {/eq})

Radiative Heat Transfer:

When heat is transferred from one surface to another via electromagnetic radiation, radiative heat transfer occurs. The heat energy transferred is directly proportional to the difference of the temperatures raised to the fourth power of the two surfaces. The mathematical expression for this kind of heat transfer is shown below:

{eq}\dot {Q} = \dfrac {\sigma A \left( T_1^4 - T_2^4 \right)}{\dfrac {1}{\epsilon_1} + \dfrac {1}{\epsilon_2} - 1}\\ {/eq}


A is the area of heat transfer

T is the temperature of the bodies/surfaces

{eq}\epsilon {/eq} is the emissivities of the two bodies/surfaces

{eq}\sigma {/eq} is the Stefan-Boltzmann constant which is equal to {eq}5.67 \times 10^{-8} \, \dfrac {W}{m^2K^4} {/eq} or {eq}0.1713 \times 10^{-8} \, \dfrac {Btu}{hr \cdot ft^2 \cdot R^4} {/eq}

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{eq}\sigma = 5.67 \times 10^{-8} \, \dfrac {W}{m^2K^4}\\ A = 2 \, m \times 5 \, m = 10 \, m^2\\ T_1 = 273.15 + 15 = 288.15 \, K\\ T_2 =...

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