Develop an executive summary of your organization's (or one you know well) annual marketing plan....


Develop an executive summary of your organization's (or one you know well) annual marketing plan.

Summary should and include a brief situation analysis, marketing objectives, strategies, tactics, financial considerations, and a timetable for implementation.

Annual Marketing Plan:

Annual Marketing Plan is the draft of the business planning activities which is adopted in the market to accomplish certain objectives and goals of the organization it helps to do marketing on the right track to enhance the company?s business goals.

Answer and Explanation:

Bharti Airtel is one of the biggest telecommunication companies which has operations in various parts of the country and has millions of subscribers all over India.

Some of the terms to build their province are:-

Efficient supply chain:-Nowadays, Airtel is using supply chain techniques in exploring in order to reduce in airtime cost. Their increase in the subscribers resulted in the submergence of average revenue. By reduction in the cost per minute, Airtel needs to attain the most efficient company in the world. As Bharati was with vendors like Ericsson and Nokia, the setting of internal supply chain makes more justifiable and practicable. It helps to understand the cost better and is negotiable for a better deal.

Strategic Partnership:-It is a smart strategy for smart phones as it is more concerned about the mobile number portability in India. It ensures high customer base and fixed cash flows.

Intuitive inventory storage:-A successful inventory management system is need for the success of every organization. Better inventory management is done by Aortal as it can purchase some technologies which are used in simplifying the processes more easily.

Using latest technology:-Airtel enables the 4G upto 135 Mbps on commercially enabled sets. They launched 4G services in Kerala and Mumbai and it also installs a 5G technology and they are the key enablers of this generation systems. It enhances users experience in outdoor and indoor places and in multi storey buildings.

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