Did Creon in "Antigone" have paranoid personality disorder?


Did Creon in "Antigone" have paranoid personality disorder?

The Ethics of Fictional Diagnosis:

Paranoid Personality Disorder is a psychological disorder in which a person finds reasons to be suspicious of many people, even without any logical reason to be. While traits of mental illnesses are often portrayed in literature, there are debates about the ethics of diagnosing fictional characters. No matter how complex a character is, a real human being is infinitely more complex. There are lots of complicated steps involved in diagnosing a person with a serious disorder (as personality disorders tend to be), and hence they can only be diagnosed by a professional psychologist or psychiatrist after careful interviews with a human being.

Answer and Explanation:

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No, he does not; however, he does exhibit some paranoid traits.

In the case of Antigone, despite Creon's paranoid traits, such a diagnosis would be...

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