Did France fight the Peninsular War in Russia?


Did France fight the Peninsular War in Russia?

Napoleon's Spanish Adventure:

After conquering much of Europe in the early 19th century, French Emperor Napoleon imposed an economic blockade on Britain that forbade any nation in Europe from trading with Britain. However, Portugal, an ally of Britain for the last 500 years, refused to obey Napoleon and continued trading with Britain. Growing annoyed with the Portuguese, Napoleon invaded in 1807 and easily took over the small nation. Napoleon decided to go one step further and in early 1808, he also carried out a coup in Spain to shore up his weakening ally, though the Spanish did not see it that way and quickly rebelled against his rule.

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While the Spanish were at first left to fight the French, the British eventually sent an intervention army in August 1808 that invaded Portugal and defeated the French driving them out of Portugal. In the wake of this, Napoleon deployed an army of over 275,000 soldiers to Spain to fight against the Spanish rebels and the British before a disaster could occur. With the influx of French soldiers, the Peninsular War as it became known began in earnest. The war at first went well for the French as their reinforcements easily beat back the Spanish and British. Though over time, the Spanish and British managed to hold out, while Spanish resistance fighters made life very unpleasant for the French.

As the years passed, the war in Spain and Portugal continued on swing back and forth between the British and Spanish and the French, though from 1812 onwards, the war went in favour of the British and Spanish. Suffering the loss of hundreds of thousands of soldiers in Russia and Spain, the French armies began to break down and soon began retreating. 1813 saw the end of French rule in Spain as Napoleon's brother Joseph-self style as Joseph I of Spain-was captured and the French armies nearly driven out of Spain. The last of the French armies were defeated in 1814, with Napoleon surrendering later that year.

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