Did Marie Antoinette have an affair?


Did Marie Antoinette have an affair?

Axel von Fersen:

Axel von Fersen was born on September 4, 1755 in Sweden, and he was the second son of Field Marshal Axel von Fersen the Older and Countess Hedvig Catharina De la Gardie. He was tutored in various languages and cultures, but he was partial to French culture, due to his father service in France during the reign of King Louis XV. Between 1771 and 1775, he travelled extensively around Europe to receive military training, and in 1780, he joined with General Rochambeau in the American colonies as an aide-de-camp. In September 1781, he participated in the colonial siege of Yorktown, Virginia. He spent three years in the diplomatic service for Sweden in France and Austria. In 1810, he was killed by a lynch mob, due to conflict in Sweden over the successor to King Gustav IV.

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It was only rumored she had affairs, and it has never been historically substantiated she did.

Marie Antoinette entered an arranged marriage at the...

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