Divide using long division.

{eq}\frac{-3x^{5}+11x^{4}+33x^{3}-26x^{2}-36x-6}{x^{3}+6x^{2}-3x-5} {/eq}.


Divide using long division.

{eq}\frac{-3x^{5}+11x^{4}+33x^{3}-26x^{2}-36x-6}{x^{3}+6x^{2}-3x-5} {/eq}.


The division is an arithmetic operation that provides a quotient when a dividend is divided by the divisor. The division is a method of dividing the larger number into smaller parts. The divisor and quotient are always smaller than the dividend.

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  • Divide using long division {eq}\frac{{ - 3{x^5} + 11{x^4} + 33{x^3} - 26{x^2} - 36x - 6}}{{{x^3} + 6{x^2} - 3x - 5}}{/eq}.

It is asked to divide {eq}-...

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