Do plate tectonics cause earthquakes?


Do plate tectonics cause earthquakes?

Tectonic Plates:

Tectonic plates are massive solid rocks that make up the lithosphere of Earth. Both oceanic and continental crust are comprised of such plates, which vary significantly in size, from a few thousand square kilometers to several million.

Answer and Explanation:

Yes, movement of tectonic plates can cause earthquakes.

Tectonic plates are not static; rather, they keep sliding past each other and occasionally collide with one another in the process. The theory of plate tectonics describes the plates as either diverging or subducting in nature. While diverging plates generate new crust material and parts, the subducting plates (or converging plates) move one under the other to eventually sink into the mantle. Such interactions can cause severe vibrations that can lead to earthquakes as well as volcanic activity.

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