Dumping and other material-handling operations near a landfill may result in contaminated...


Dumping and other material-handling operations near a landfill may result in contaminated particles being emitted into the surrounding air. To estimate such particulate emission, the following empirical formula can be used

E(V,M)={eq}K(0.0032)(\frac{V}{5})^{1.2}(\frac{M}{2})^{-1.3} {/eq}

where E is the emission factor (in pounds of particles released into the air per ton of soil moved), V is the mean speed of the wind (mph), M is the moisture content of the material (given as a percentage), and k is a constant that depends on the size of the particles.

(a) For a particle of a particular size, we find k= 0.17. Find E(10,13). E(10,13)= _

(b) The emission factor E can be multiplied by the number of tons of material handled to obtain a measure of total emissions. Suppose 21 tons of the material in part (a) is handled. How many tons of a second kind of material with k=0.24 and moisture content 11% must be handled to achieve the same level of total emissions if the wind velocity stays the same? tons:

Evaluating a Function

If you have a function with multiple variables {eq}f(x,y) {/eq} then the notation {eq}f(a,b) {/eq} means to replace every {eq}x {/eq} in the function with {eq}a {/eq} and to replace every {eq}y {/eq} in the function with {eq}b {/eq}. For example, for the function {eq}f(x,y) = 3x^2y + 2y + x {/eq} the value {eq}f(1,2) {/eq} is {eq}f(1,2) = 3(1)^2(2) + 2(2) + 1 = 6+4 +1 = 11 {/eq}

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For the function {eq}E(V,M)=K(0.0032)(\frac{V}{5})^{1.2}(\frac{M}{2})^{-1.3} {/eq}

a) with {eq}K=0.17 {/eq}, the function becomes...

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