ERP OLAP applications usually do not include __________. a. what-if analysis. b. ad hoc...


ERP OLAP applications usually do not include __________.

a. what-if analysis.

b. ad hoc analysis.

c. none of these answers are correct.

d. decision support systems.

e. logistics systems


ERP OLAP is a process that is used to analyze the data efficiently and quickly. ERP is software designed to provide a high-speed transaction recording and keep data space utilization minimum.

Answer and Explanation: 1

The correct option is e.

A logistics system is a type of network of information, activities, people, and processes involved in the product flow from supplier to customer. The logistics system is not a part of ERP OLAP applications.

Explanation of incorrect option:

Option a: What-if analysis is a process used in excel for changing the values in the cell to see how it will affect the outcome of the formula on the excel worksheet.

Option b: Ad hoc analysis is a type of business intelligence used to answer business-related questions using company data from various sources.

Option d: Decision support systems is a software designed to support an organization's judgments and courses of action. It helps in the decision-making process of the organization.

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