Estimate and draw a HNMR of N-ethylmaleimide


Estimate and draw a {eq}HNMR{/eq} of {eq}N-{/eq}ethylmaleimide

Proton NMR

The are numerous pieces of information on a NMR spectra. Each piece of information reveals something different of the structure of the molecule.

For example:

1.The chemical shift of the peaks (up field or down field). This information tells us what functional groups are close to the proton

2. The integration of the peaks gives information on how many protons are represented for a specific signal

3. The multiplicity of the signal indicates what and how many other protons are next to the protons represented by the signal

Answer and Explanation:

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The structure of N-ethylmaleimide, with labelled protons are shown below.

Based on the chemical environments of these protons, we can predict where...

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