Evaluate 5x - 3y, x=3, and y=4 .


Evaluate 5x - 3y, x=3, and y=4 .


In an algebraic expression with two variable, after getting the value for one variable, it is substituted into another equation in order to get the value of the other variable. It is important to include the signs of the value when substituting.

Answer and Explanation:

To evaluate the expression below, the values of {eq}x = 3 {/eq} and {eq}y=4 {/eq}has to be substituted:

{eq}5x - 3y {/eq}

{eq}5(3) - 3(4) =? {/eq}

{eq}15 - 12 = 3 {/eq}

Thus, if {eq}x = 3 {/eq} and {eq}y=4 {/eq} then {eq}5x - 3y {/eq} is equal to {eq}3 {/eq}.

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