Evaluate 8x - 4y when x = 2 and y = 3.



{eq}8x - 4y {/eq}

when {eq}x = 2 {/eq} and {eq}y = 3 {/eq}.

An Expression at Given Values:

To evaluate an expression in one or more variables at given values, we just substitute the values of the variables in the given expression and simplify the result.

Answer and Explanation:

The given expression is: {eq}8x-4y {/eq}.

Substitute the values {eq}x=2 {/eq} and {eq}y=3 {/eq} in the above expression:

$$\begin{align} 8x-4y & = 8(2) - 4(3) \\ &= 16 -12 \\ &= \boxed{\mathbf{4}} \end{align} $$

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