Evaluate \int_{4}^{9} \sqrt{x} dx.


Evaluate {eq}\int_{4}^{9} \sqrt{x}\; dx {/eq}.

First Fundamental Theorem:

It states that, if {eq}\displaystyle{ f(x) }{/eq} is continuous on the closed interval {eq}\displaystyle{ [a,b] }{/eq} and {eq}\displaystyle{ F }{/eq} is the indefinite integral of {eq}\displaystyle{ f (x) }{/eq} on {eq}\displaystyle{ [a,b], }{/eq} then:

{eq}\displaystyle{ \int _ { a } ^ { b } f ( x ) d x = F ( b ) - F ( a ) }{/eq}

and call this the definite integral of {eq}\displaystyle{ f(x) }{/eq} from {eq}\displaystyle{ a }{/eq} to {eq}\displaystyle{ b. }{/eq} This theorem describes the relationship between differentiation and integration, which are inverse functions of one another.

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We have,

{eq}\displaystyle{ \int_{4}^{9} \sqrt{x}\; dx }{/eq}

Apply the first fundamental theorem of calculus as:

{eq}\large{ \begin{array} { l...

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