Evaluate the double integral ?_0^1?_(?x)^1 e^(y^3)dydx


Evaluate the double integral

{eq}\displaystyle \int_0^1\int_{\sqrt{x}}^1 e^{y^3}\,dy\,dx {/eq}

Double Integrals:

We have a double integral in the Cartesian coordinates. The region of integration is the region inside a square and above a parabola. We describe this region in terms of the horizontal stripes instead of the vertical stripes.

Answer and Explanation:

The region of integration is {eq}\displaystyle \; 0\leq x \leq 1 \;\; \mbox { and } \;\; \sqrt x \leq y \leq 1 \;\; {/eq}. This is the...

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