Evaluate the integral of I. I = 18 integral sin^5 x cos x dx.


Evaluate the integral of {eq}I {/eq}.

{eq}\displaystyle I = 18 \int \sin^5 x\ \cos x\ dx {/eq}.


The integral will be solved using the substitution method. The integral will become easy to evaluate and simpler and then after solving we will plug-in the values back in the integral.

Answer and Explanation: 1

To solve the integral we will use the substitution method

{eq}=18\int \sin^{5}x\cos xdx {/eq}

Using the substitution

Put {eq}\sin x=t\\ \cos xdx=dt {/eq}

Now plug-in the values back we get

={eq}18\left [ \frac{t^{6}}{6} \right ]+c {/eq}

Now by back substitution

{eq}=3\left [ \sin^{6}x \right ]+c {/eq}

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