Evaluate the iterated integral. Evaluate the iterated integral. ='false' \int^\frac {\pi}{2}_0...


Evaluate the interated integral.

{eq}\int^{\frac{\pi}{2}}_0 \int^{\frac{y}{4}}_0 \int^{\frac{1}{y}}_0 sin y dz dx dy {/eq}

Definite Integrals:

The triple value of the definite integral is solved with the iterated method. In this, we solve the inner integral and the middle integral and so the final order integral is solved. The outer integral is also solved with the final expression of the inner integrals.

Answer and Explanation:

In the problem, we need to evaluate the integrated integral:

{eq}\int^{\frac{\pi}{2}}_0 \int^{\frac{y}{4}}_0 \int^{\frac{1}{y}}_0 sin y dz dx dy...

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