Evaluate the iterated integral. Integrals with limit of zero to square root of pi integral with...


Evaluate the iterated integral.

{eq}\int_{0}^{\sqrt\pi}\int_{0}^{3x}\int_{0}^{xz}11x^2\sin y \space dy\space dz\space dx {/eq}

Evaluating the Iterated Integral:

The objective is to evaluate the given iterated integral.

The given integral function is {eq}\displaystyle I = \int_{0}^{\sqrt \pi}\int_{0}^{3x}\int_{0}^{xz}\left(11x^2\sin y \right )dy dz dx {/eq}

By using the given limits we have to integrate and get a solution.

We have to integrate the function with respect to {eq}\displaystyle dy, \displaystyle dz \ and \ \displaystyle dx {/eq}.

Answer and Explanation:

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The given integral function is:

{eq}\displaystyle I = \int_{0}^{\sqrt \pi}\int_{0}^{3x}\int_{0}^{xz}\left(11x^2\sin y \right )dy dz dx {/eq}


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