Evaluate the triple integral, triple integral_E 5 xy dV, where E is bounded by the parabolic...


Evaluate the triple integral,

{eq}\displaystyle \iiint_E\ 5 xy\ dV {/eq}, where E is bounded by the parabolic cylinders {eq}y = x^2\ \text{and}\ x= y^2 {/eq} and the planes {eq}z = 0 {/eq} and {eq}z = 3x + y {/eq}.

Evaluate the Triple Integral:

The objective is to evaluate the given triple integral.

The given integral function is {eq}\displaystyle \iiint_{E} 5 xy dV {/eq}

By using the given equations we have to find the limits for integration and get a solution.

Answer and Explanation:

The given integral function is:

{eq}\displaystyle \iiint_{E} 5 xy dV {/eq}

The given equations are:

{eq}\displaystyle y = x^2 \\ \displaystyle x...

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