Express algebraically: the product of 2 and the sum of 5 and k.


Express algebraically: the product of {eq}2 {/eq} and the sum of {eq}5 {/eq} and {eq}k {/eq}.

Algebraic Expressions:

Mathematics is like learning another language. Given a sentence, we can translate English into Math through algebraic expressions. It is typically help when translating to first break down the sentence into pieces the work the sentence from right to left, translating each piece into an algebraic expression.

Answer and Explanation:

Break down the sentence and work from right to left to write each part as an algebraic expression.

"The sum of 5 and {eq}k {/eq}" {eq}\implies ~ 5+k {/eq}

"The product of 2 and the sum of 5 and {eq}k {/eq}" {eq}\implies ~ 2\times (5+k) {/eq}

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