Find a function f such that F = nabla f and use this to evaluate integral_C F. dr along the given...


Find a function {eq}f {/eq} such that {eq}\vec{F} = \vec{\nabla} f {/eq} and use this to evaluate

{eq}\int_C \vec{F}\cdot d\vec{r} {/eq} along the given curve {eq}C {/eq}.

{eq}F (x, y) = x^2\, \vec{i} + y^2 \, \vec{j} . {/eq}

The curve {eq}C {/eq} is the arc of the parabola {eq}y = 2x^2 {/eq} from {eq}(-1,\ 2) {/eq} to {eq}(2,\ 8) {/eq}.

Line Integrals; Fundamental Theorem of Calculus:

The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus for line integrals says:

{eq}\int_{a}^{b}\vec{\nabla} f \cdot d\vec{r}=f(\vec{r}(b))-f(\vec{r}(a)), {/eq}

where {eq}\vec{r}(t) {/eq} is any piece-wise smooth path defined on the interval {eq}[a,b]. {/eq} In particular such line integral is independent of the path chosen as long as it has the same start and endpoint. So if the curve {eq}C {/eq} starts at {eq}A {/eq} and ends at {eq}B {/eq} then:

{eq}\int_C\vec{\nabla} f \cdot d\vec{r}=f(B)-f(A). {/eq}

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This is a line integral along some curve going from {eq}(-1,\ 2) {/eq} to {eq}(2,\ 8) {/eq}. This integral can be evaluated easily if the vector...

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