Find a particular solution to y'' +4y=6\sin(2t) .


Find a particular solution to {eq}y'' +4y=6\sin(2t) {/eq}.

Differential Equation in Calculus:

The most general linear differential equation of n-th order is {eq}\dfrac {d^{n}y}{dt^{n}}+P_{1}\dfrac {d^{n-1}y}{dt^{n-1}}+\ldots - - +P_{n}y=Q {/eq} can also be written as {eq}\left\{ D^{n}+P_{1}D^{n-1}+\ldots +P_{n}\right\} y=2 {/eq} where the operator {eq}D {/eq} is for {eq}\dfrac {d}{dt},D^2 {/eq} for {eq}\dfrac {d^{2}}{dt^{2}},... {/eq}

The particular solution of a differential equation can be obtained by particular values in the general solution. In some problems, the Particular solution does not satisfy the initial condition.

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{eq}y''+4y=6 \sin(2t) {/eq}

We can write the differential equation as

{eq}D^{2}+4D=6 \sin(2t) {/eq}

The particular solutiion {eq}y_{p}=\dfrac...

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