Find the degree of polynomial. 7x^{3} + 6x^{2} - 2x +2


Find the degree of polynomial.

{eq}7x^{3} + 6x^{2} - 2x +2 {/eq}

Polynomials: Identifying Degree

Assume that we are analyzing a polynomial in a form {eq}Q(x) = ax^n + bx^{n - 1} + c^{n - 2} + ... + z {/eq}. This polynomial can be characterized by its degree. Arranging all the variables in descending order of their powers, the first term is known to have the greatest power. The power of this first term corresponds to the degree of a polynomial (it is n in our Q(x)).

Answer and Explanation:

The given polynomial {eq}7x^3 + 6x^2 - 2x + 2 {/eq} is already written in descending order of powers of x. The first term contains the highest power of 3. This implies that this polynomial has a degree of {eq}\boxed{3} {/eq}.

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