Find the derivative of y = (ln(7x))^8.


Find the derivative of {eq}\ y = (ln(7x))^8 {/eq}.


This question is from the differentiation and we have to find out the first order derivative of the given function. This question will be solved by using the chain rule of differentiation.

Answer and Explanation:

{eq}\Rightarrow \ y=\ln^{8}|7x|\\ \text{diiferentiate with respect to x}\\ \Rightarrow \ y'=\frac{d}{dx}(\ln^{8}|7x|)\\ \Rightarrow \ y'=8\ln^{7}|7x|\frac{d}{dx}\ln|7x|\\ \Rightarrow \ y'=\frac{8\ln^{7}|7x|}{x}\\ {/eq}

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