Find the general solution. cos^2(x) \sin(xy') + cos^3(xy) = 1


Find the general solution.

{eq}cos^2(x) \sin(xy') + cos^3(xy) = 1 {/eq}

The general solution of a differential equation

A general solution is a solution of an ordinary differential equation of order n that involves exactly n essential arbitrary constants, thus also calling it a complete solution.

Answer and Explanation: 1

{eq}\cos ^{2}x\sin xy' + \cos ^{3}xy=1 {/eq}

y' + cotxy = {eq}\frac{1}{\cos ^{2}x\sin x} {/eq}

If {eq}e^{\int \cot xdx} = e^{lnsinx} = sinx {/eq}

The general solution is

{eq}y[sinx] = \int \frac{1}{\cos ^{2}x\sin x}\sin xdx {/eq}

{eq}y[sinx] = \int \sec ^{2}xdx {/eq}

{eq}y[sinx] = \tan x + C {/eq}

We have,

{eq}y = \frac{\tan x + C}{\sin x} {/eq}

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