Find the limit ; { \lim_{x \to \frac{\pi}{2}^+} tan(x) }


Find the limit ; {eq}\lim_{x \to \frac{\pi}{2}^+} tan(x) {/eq}

Limits of Functions:

If the function is having a jump discontinuity at some point, for example, the tangent trigonometric ratio, then the limit at the left hand is not equal to the limits at the right-hand side.

Answer and Explanation:

We have to find the limits of;

{eq}\lim_{x \to \frac{\pi}{2}^+} tan(x)\\ =-\infty \:~~~~~~~~~~~~\left [ \because \lim _{x\to \frac{\pi }{2}+}\left(\tan \left(x\right)\right)=-\infty \: \right ] {/eq}

is the direct formula.

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