Find the period of the function y= 5 \tan 2x


Find the period of the function {eq}y= 5 \tan 2x {/eq}

Period of Trig-function:

Suppose we have trig-function such as {eq}\displaystyle a\tan(c\cdot x) {/eq}, then the period of this function is computed by the general quotient expression {eq}\displaystyle \frac{\pi}{|c|} {/eq}.


  • a and c are constants and c does not equal to zero.

Answer and Explanation:


The given trigonometric function is:

{eq}y= 5 \tan 2x {/eq}

Here, we have:

{eq}a=5\\ c=2 {/eq}

Thus, the value of the period of the given tangent function is:

{eq}\displaystyle \textrm{Period}=\frac{\pi}{|2|}\\ =\boxed{\displaystyle \frac{\pi}{2}} {/eq}

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