Find the period y = -3 \tan \left (2x - \left ( \frac{\pi}{3}\right ) \right )


Find the period {eq}y = -3 \tan \left (2x - \left ( \frac{\pi}{3}\right ) \right ) {/eq}

Period of a Trig Function:

All those trigonometric functions, whose period is to be found, will have the period evaluated by comparing with the standard form of that ratio and then using the formula of the time period or the frequency.

Answer and Explanation:

Here the period {eq}y = -3 \tan \left (2x - \left ( \frac{\pi}{3}\right ) \right ) {/eq}

is given by

{eq}T=\frac{2\pi }{2}=\pi {/eq}

Now, this is because the coefficient of x is 2.

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