Find the steady state current for a circuit in which L = 500 H, R = 150 ohm , C = 0.0020 F and E...


Find the steady state current for a circuit in which {eq}L = 500 H, R = 150 \Omega {/eq} , {eq}C = 0.0020 F {/eq} and {eq}E = 10 \sin5t {/eq} if {eq}q=0 {/eq} and {eq}i = 2 Amp {/eq} for {eq}t = 0 {/eq} .

Trigonometry function

A trigonometric function is used in geometry, having three vertices.

The trigonometric function used to understand the relationship between dimensions of the triangle. The height of an object can estimate using trigonometry function.

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  • Inductance of the circuit is {eq}L = 500\;{\rm{H}} {/eq}
  • resistance of the circuit is {eq}R = 150\;{\rm{\Omega }} {/eq}
  • Capacitance of the...

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